Nikola Institute | Press Release

(December 9, 2022) Effective immediately, Nikola Institute’s product development and marketing consultants will provide advisory services to Product Dragon on a volunteer basis.

Product Dragon is a nonprofit that encourages “innovation for good” and provides various resources (including educational content, planning tools, and community support) to product innovators.

Nikola Institute’s consulting partners will be invited to contribute educational content including articles, course material, and live training.

The arrangement with Product Dragon complements Nikola Institute’s existing pro bono and micro-entity discount program. Nikola Institute follows simplified USPTO-defined categories for entity status. The main requirements for micro-entity status are:

  1. In the preceding the calendar year, did not had a gross income, as defined in section 61(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. 61(a)), exceeding $189,537 USD,
  2. Has not been named as the inventor or a joint inventor on more than four previously filed patent applications in any country.


Product Dragon™ is a Canadian nonprofit Association with the mission of helping adventurous product innovators to benefit society by providing inspiration, education, expert support, and funding assistance. The Association’s 2030 goal is to assist one million innovators globally. Website: