Individuals and small companies with new consumer product ideas qualify for pro bono assessment.

The V.I.S.A. Process™ Blueprint

The V.I.S.A. Process™ is a method of commercializing innovative product ideas with reduced financial risk.

VISA Process Background

1 · Validation

Find and prove a feasible path to success.

Product commercialization begins with knowing your competition, the intellectual property surrounding it, and being able to prove the opportunity to investors and other partners.

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2 · Improvement

Make a good product into a great one.

After the product idea is proven, design and marketing is improved using consumer feedback and expert advice.

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3 · Stategy

Design and communicate a winning plan.

Use your research results to create a practical business plan, making your idea clear to yourself and potential partners.

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4 · Ally

Find and cooperate with people you need.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to launch a successful product. Choose your team from an array of designers, marketers, and investors.

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Free advice and report available through our Access to Innovation pro bono program.

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    Our Innovation Coordinator will contact you by email or phone to provide product development and commercialization options.

    The Nikola Institute provides education, advice, and commercialization assistance to innovators of new consumer products.