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If you want to share your experience and help other product innovators achieve their goals, consider becoming an advisor.

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Advisor Program

We assign clients to Advisors, who remotely assist them in developing their product ideas.

How it Works

Get paid for each client you advise.

  • Time requirement: flexible to client needs, typically 2 to 6 hours per month, per client.

  • Type of advise: give clients your opinion on how to improve their product idea, development and marketing ideas, etc.

  • Types of products: simple physical consumer products, including kitchenware, cosmetics, clothing, electronics.

  • Types of clients: typically individuals or small companies with new consumer product ideas.

  • Advisor matching: we match you with clients based on your experience with their product type and needs.

  • Compensation: we pay you a fixed monthly rate (per client), based on client budget.

  • Client acceptance: you can decline any client, and accept as many as you have time for monthly.

  • Support: we support you with our administrative team, and the help of other advisors when needed.

The Nikola Institute provides education, advice, and product commercialization assistance to innovators with new physical or virtual consumer products.

UpWork Contracts

We contract through the UpWork system.

  • Application form: this page is to gather additional information to facilitate contracts on UpWork.

  • UpWork Payments: all payments are made through UpWork Payments.

  • Instant Acceptance: you become an Advisor when you submit the form on this page.

  • Per-client contracts: we create a separate UpWork contract for each client you advise, once you accept a client.

Advisor Application

This form adds you as an Advisor, however you have no obligations until a client contract begins.

We welcome you to join as an Advisor on Linkedin.

  • Step 1: On your Linkedin profile, add a New Experience, or a New Volunteer Experience if you prefer.

  • Step 2: Add the title Product Commercialization Advisor, or simply Advisor.

  • Step 3: Type company Nikola Institute and select it from the list, and save the experience.

Our Principles.

Caring for and supporting innovators, from start to finish.

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